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    Originally Posted by Alomar View Post
    map name : Arbor Town
    rom : FR
    hack : Pokemon Amber
    comments : town with the second gym in the valley of a forest. route to the left is a water route, east is more forest. the town and surrounding has stone road because theyve heavily industrialized the forest, weather facility in the top right. pretty basic
    I think the town inside the hole is perfectly done. Perfect streets, perfect spacing, great use of useless little fences. Yes, there's just one grass tile, but no one is going to notice that because all the ground is covered with stuff.

    It doesn't look like a valley, though. Valleys tend to form around rivers and are V-shaped. This is more of a hole in the ground. A crater, perhaps. No, not even a crater. Since the sides are rectangular, the hole appears man-made; and the square path going around it only reaffirms that impression.

    The tiles used for the upper path are different from the tiles used for the path within the city, and I find that kind of disorienting. Forcing the player to walk all the way around is evil.

    Overall, a pretty map with excellent use of space in the town. But, if you were trying to map a town in a valley, you pretty much failed imho.

    Originally Posted by ΣŁ1ŦΣ CHΛRIΖΛЯĐ View Post
    map name: none
    rom base: fire red
    hack: pokemon raging fury
    comments: it's kinda big, but there are a lot of things that are going to happen in this map.
    Not bad. Good use of elevation in the city. With these path tiles, you should keep the width of the path constant and the lines straight, instead of bending it for benches and trees, to enhance the impression that these are city streets. Same with the pier. Have you ever seen a pier that got narrower at the far end? I haven't.

    The layout of the city is good. The houses are well spaced. It's kind of busy-looking, though. You use three kinds of flowers, lots of wastebaskets (on private property, too!) and waaay too many benches. I don't like that the paved street extends all the way to the cave. It's not entirely logical.

    Ledges on a beach? That doesn't make much sense. Sand is soft and shouldn't form ledges. Since they're all wonky and curved, I get the feeling you've put them in as obstacles. Same with the umbrellas. The player is going to have detour around them.

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