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Originally Posted by jigglyppuff8 View Post
There is no one Unova Pokemon that is able to learn all of the HM moves in this game. To compensate, HM moves barely have any vital use in this game anyway. Including the national Pokedex, Dragonite can learn all the moves. Bibarel and a flyer should work well enough though.
Can you catch a bibarel in pokemon white? Another question is are there new natures in pokemon white? Because I'm soft resetting right now for naive oswatt and so far I got mild another old natures. What is mild and what does it do? Let me know.
4th gen Heart gold: 0776-1220- 4403 (use for battling)

5th gen white: 3954 7616 0505 (WOOT!) Please teach me how to clone in white. Its a lot complicated than hg.