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    Name: Arekku Sansetto

    Gender: Male



    Appearance: Arekku is 6'2" tall. He has light brown skin and short black hair. He has Blue eyes with an odd-looking turquoise pupil. Arekku has a muscular frame. he has large jaw bones and has a chip that is visible on his left jaw. He has losts of scars and bruises from fighting the government.

    Arekku wears a blue and silver jacket covered by a tactical vest. Arekku has cargo pants with many pockets full of things. He has A gun sling and bullet straps over his vest, giving him a mercenary look. Arekku keeps his feet warm with Military-Issue boots.

    Personality: Arekku has an army solider like persona, due to the fact he was in the reserves before the events of 2992. He has excellent team work abilities along with his natural-born leadership quality. Many say if Arekku was in the competition, he would be the last one standing.

    Arekku is a friendly person but only if he can trust you, his trust which has waned since the events of 2992. Arekku was not bullie often when he was young, most out fear of what was going to happen to the bully. He is an ace mechanic and can fix almost anything. Arekku has a never give up attitude that seems to rub off on others.

    Element: Iron

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