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Originally Posted by ZeldaStrife View Post
I have a quick question that I hope isn't too silly.

I just beat N at the Pokemon League; so now I have to find those Sages, but the Pokemon every other Trainer has is in the lower 60s, a vast difference to my only lower 50s level Pokemon that were needed to beat N. My question is this:

Where in Unova is a good area to raise and train Pokemon so I can beef up my team? Thanks, everyone.
If you don't care about getting HP IVs or mass murdering a certain species of Pokemon, then I'd say you go hunting for Audino. Those little critters give away tons of experience, especially if you have the Lucky Egg equipped. Where to find them? They can be encountered in rustling grass, but the rustling grass phenomenon can happen in any patch of grass in Unova.

I suggest you go to a grassy place where there are high-leveled wild Pokemon (such as the Village Bridge, which has a 90% wild Audino encounter with levels ranging from 47-50) to get a similarly high-leveled Audino encounter. Just run around (not in) the grass until you see rustling, (you can use Repels to ward off unnecessary encounters while you walk near the rustling patch of grass) and walk into the rustling patch of grass. There is a high chance that you would encounter wild Audino by doing so. Then after battling (they aren't tough to deal with), you can run around the grass again and repeat the process.

Hope this helps.