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Originally Posted by softfang View Post
I have currently in my team:

Meguroco - lv.19
Janovy - lv.28
Baoppu - lv.26
Monjara - lv.21
Haderia - lv.23
Chillarmy - lv.21

I know I'll probably have to level up my Pokemon a bit, but can anyone tell me how to defeat her, if I can, with what I have now? I hate her little... switch-out tactic. D: I'm trying to train my Meguroco and Monjara up a bit more so I can use Monjara's Sleep/Poisonpowder and Meguroco's ground-type moves to hit hard.

Any help would be appreciated. :D Thanks!
Ok, you didn't mention who you're trying to beat... |:< But, from the "Switch-out tactic" I take it as Elesa? Yeah, she's a real pain, my advice is to level all of your Pokemon up to Level 27+ And use Sandile to deal with Zebstrika. Use Servine & Pansear to defeat her Emolga's. Of course use the other Pokemon for back-up.
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