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    “Both of you return your pokemon to their pokeballs and follow me to get them healed,” Professor Leef ordered loudly over the noise, walking over to them, but Shaun paid her no heed.

    “Muk,” he cursed again. He couldn’t believe it; he was having a freakin’ panic attack! “Muk!” he shouted, voice going into the crowd and causing even more taunting.

    “Can you believe that?” one whispered.

    “What a sore loser.”

    “That poor pokemon…”

    More whispers erupted, but Shaun didn’t care. He just stared at his fallen pokemon, and a hand reaching behind him and raising his own arm spooked him enough to jump like a frightened Pichu. Dear god, what was wrong with him?

    “Shaun.” It was Taylor. “Return your pokemon.”

    That damn man. Always there when he wasn’t wanted. Still, shakily, Shaun raised his arm and returned his fallen pokemon. He swallowed thickly, calming himself down. He was freaking out because of a single, first, stupid battle. That damn mind of his, always so pessimistic. If this was how he battled the first time, how would he battle in the future? The same way – by losing. Screw that. He would beat this thing and laugh in everybody’s faces when he was given the let go.

    “How did you use that strong attack?” Shaun asked suddenly, looking at Alex. He had calmed down, but his tone was accusing. That had been a strong attack, even if the Torchic couldn’t completely control its power yet.

    Alex, whom was holding his pokemon carefully and smiling softly, turned his gaze on him. The smile was still there, but was dull. “I looked up my pokemon’s moves with my pokedex,” Alex said. He raised a brow. “You could have done the same thing.”

    Shaun bristled at the tone.

    “Yes,” Professor Leef said loudly, over the jealous muttering from the crowd. “All pokemon here have been born with an egg move. It is powerful, and it will take time to learn. You must train, just as the early masters did, in order to conquer these travels.” Professor Leef smiled warmly. “Now be off with you.”

    The crowd began to depart slowly. Groups moved together while a few rushed off by themselves or some opted to stay behind to try and speak to the professor.

    “Now follow me,” Professor Leef said.

    Shaun and Alex followed, going past the commissioner. To his surprise, that cold gaze wasn’t on him, but instead Alex. That kid –Adam? Oh, Andrew – glared as well, but again it was at Alex. Shaun didn’t care, but he did wonder why. Weren’t they related or something?

    “You did good, Shaun,” Taylor whispered.

    “Shut up,” Shaun bit out, feeling tired.

    Taylor just grinned. “And just imagine. You’ll have to do this everyday now.”

    Shaun glared.

    “Place your pokeballs onto the healing machine,” Professor Leef said, nodding toward a mechanical device that had little slots to hold pokeballs once they had entered the lab.

    Shaun and Alex shared a glance before placing their pokeball’s onto the device. It lit up as soon as the professor pressed the start button, and Shaun watched with half lidded eyes.

    “An excellent battle for your first time,” Professor Leef said to them.

    “Thank you, ma’am,” Alex said quietly.

    Shaun just shrugged.

    “Though it was a bit harsher than necessary,” Professor Leef said, staring pointedly at Shaun. “There is a limit to how far you can push your pokemon.”

    Again Shaun shrugged.

    Gaze still cold, Professor Leef held out the two pokeballs. “These two boys are now perfectly healthy. Treat them good, and always check your pokedex for help. When you two attach your belts you can put your pokeballs on it magnetically.” As she handed the Shaun his pokemon, she truly wished like she could just say no, jerk her hand away from him, do anything, but she couldn’t, and for that, it hurt even more.

    Shaun took his pokeball before reaching blindly for the brown belt he had pretty much thrown over his shoulder and onto his pack. He fingered his silver studded black belt before tying the brown belt through the first two holes and tying it tightly so that he still wore his belt and the new one hung off his hip like undone suspenders. It actually looked ok.

    He placed the pokeball onto the belt, surprised by the belt all but pulling the pokeball out of his hand. Alex did the same, only he put his belt on normally. When he was done, Shaun turned to Taylor expectantly. The man stared for a moment before shaking his head in exasperation as Shaun held out his hand.

    “Take care, kid,” Taylor said quietly, only for Shaun’s ears as he laid the pocketknife into Shaun’s waiting hand, well out of the others line of vision. “Don’t **** up.”

    Despite himself, Shaun’s lip curled upward. “Right,” he said grudgingly. “Well, I’m outta here.”

    “Shaun,” Alex called quickly before the dark haired boy could make it far. He looked back. “I look forward to our next battle,” he said seriously, eyes searching, and Shaun wondered, that if such a thing were possible, if the guy was trying to see into his soul.

    “Yea,” Shaun said softly, shoulder’s shrugging. “Whatever.”

    Despite the rude comment, Alex just grinned, his eyes warm.

    Shaun rolled his eyes and finally pulled out the cigarettes he had been craving so badly. He grinning lightly at the outraged squeak from the professor and happily fit it into his mouth, right where it belonged and fumbled for his lighter.

    “Finally,” Shaun breathed, exiting the lab.

    No one else was around, not even the commissioner or that kid Andrew. He was alone. Nothing left but the road before him. A road that he would have willingly walked freely once, but not now. Now, he was forced to, and he couldn’t screw this up.

    “Well, ****,” Shaun mused, blowing out smoke and beginning to walk.
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