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    Originally Posted by IceSage View Post
    Is anyone's EEVEE promotion showing up in their Promotions page today?

    It's 5-19, and the EEVEE you befriended should be showing up.

    However, mine isn't an option on the Promotions page. Anyone else get this to work yet?
    I got mine to work, my flareon's in my PC now :D
    serebii says you need to wait until 13:00 in your region for it to work
    Originally Posted by DeckCadetTzipi View Post
    Hey guys,
    What's the difference between the Black and White DS games? If any.

    there are always version differences. For BW there are different pokemon and areas (black city vs white forest) found in different games, and I think some battles are different depending on your game too. You can check sites like bulbapedia or serebii (see tabs on the right) for more info.

    my own question:
    when I trade with someone via wifi by exchanging friend codes, their character appears as a NPC in the union tower. Will the NPC disappear if I delete their friend code from my pal pad or does the NPC stay there forever?
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