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    I GOT SHINY LITWICK!!!! :cer_boogie:


    So I woke up this morning (actually afternoon, "lol"), and I started encountering Litwick while reading through forums I've posted in. Since I was reading online, I wasn't using the stylus to run from each battle, and I was using the D-pad to scroll down to run and press A, rather than my normal method of using the stylus to run immediately. And I'm really glad I was!!! I had already scrolled down to run and was ready to press A when I looked down, and SHINY LITWICK!!!! Haha, if it were 10 minutes later I would've already ran.

    They really look much better than in the pictures. I noticed this with Treecko, too - online, the sprites don't look much different, but it's a striking contrast when you see it! *shiny sense activated*

    She shone on encounter 610, which is by far my shortest hunt to date! I really wasn't expecting a shiny for another few months, "lol." That's 2 shinies in 6810 encounters - I love Unova!!

    Fufu, I'm catching up! I only need 55 more shinies to pass you now, so watch out! :cer_giggle:

    I've completed the first leg of the circuit! Only 4 more to go!

    Originally Posted by Latios Master View Post
    I prefer Timid (+Spe, -Atk), but Modest is good too.
    Thanks! I was planning on Synching, but I started hunting as soon as I got up and completely forgot about it, "lol." She has a Hasty nature (+Spe, -Def, which is pretty close to what you suggested, so I'm happy. Also, a lot of physical moves are Normal or Fighting, so I'm not worried about the drop in Defense.

    Originally Posted by Chr. Draco View Post
    You'll get one soon, and you know, there's also coffee for long hunting nights (just kidding).
    Haha, thanks. I didn't really believe you when you said that (since I just got one!), but you were right!

    For your shiny, I'll guess...Mightyena? *looks at your sig*

    Originally Posted by rustymenon View Post
    Thanks for the info! I'm thinking about starting with the easier ones, like,say, the starters?
    Yeah, the starters are a good group to hunt Masuda. Magikarp and Croagunk also hatch extremely quickly, and I think those two would be a little easier than the starters, but not by much. The baby Pokemon hatch pretty quickly too, but I can't find the exact list of egg steps right now. :/

    Originally Posted by PokeTrainer87 View Post
    Wish me luck
    Good luck!
    Path of the Ghost: 12/18
    Path of the Starter: 10/18

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