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Originally Posted by rstevenson1976 View Post
what's that I keep hearing about these "magical" quick balls and legendaries, it hasn't worked for me yet :P
Some people just have more luck using Quick Balls on Legendaries. Save before battling and try Quick Balls each time to see if you have any success. Or maybe you'll have better luck with a different item. It really comes down to luck and how the catch rate of the Pokemon works together with the catch rate of the ball.

Originally Posted by ltsang View Post
Where can I find a list of ev for pokemon white? Also the tier list like which is Nu, ou, uu etc. Let me know.
A guide for EV training on B/W is here, at GameFAQs. It has a list for each stat for getting EVs.

The tiers aren't really official yet, because people are still battling and seeing which Pokemon are being used how often.

The current tier lists, from May 1st, can be found here on Smogon's forums. (Link to forums because that's the only place I found them, and even that was a search.) The list isn't finalized yet, so just keep checking to see the changes until it is finalized.
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