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    Ok so I narrowed it down so I have 2 walls, 2 physical sweepers, and 2 special sweepers but I cant decide who to use exactly.

    1. Swampert/Forretress/Ferrothorn* (SR/Spikes/ entry hazard poke as well as wall #1)

    2. Blaziken/Shapedo (both have speed boost and are physical sweeper #1)

    3. Dusknoir* (wall #2 and can stall/burn opponent)

    4. Porygon-Z*/Togekiss/Hydreigon (scarfed 'gon makes for some annoyed opponents and special sweeper #1)

    5. Volcarona/Heatran/Roserade/Politoed (special sweeper #2 and if I use politoed, then I would take sharpedo for boosted water move)

    6. Metagross/Scizor/Gallade* (physical sweeper #2)

    Note: * means that I would normally pick these pokes.

    So these are (almost) for sure pokes:

    Ferrothorn (because he is brutal)

    Any suggestions for this team?
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