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Originally Posted by ltsang View Post
Oh. I'm am at the Nimbasa city gym right now. I'm having trouble to fight the electric and flying mouse pokemon. I'm using sandile right now. I've taught it rockslide and and earthquake and the flying mouse is unvernable to my ground attacks. What are other suggestion. Let me know thanks. For rockslide and earthquake I used an ar to get those attacks. I don't want to use other cheats to erase my game file. I've all ready got my hm cut deleted by the ar codes.
What I used in Black was a Drilbur that knew Rock Slide. Theoretically, the Sandile with Rock Slide should work fine. Another idea would be to use an Ice-type if you have one, since Flying is weak to Ice. If you're still having trouble, all I can say is fight some wild Pokemon to train your Pokemon up a couple levels and try again. Good luck.