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Originally Posted by deoxys121 View Post
I think the best part of that season was where Ash's Charizard FINALLY starts to obey Ash in Charizard Chills. At least watch that one if you haven't.
Ah, yes! That was indeed a good episode!

Originally Posted by Hiiro View Post
Well look at this, Orange Island discussion. Lemme savor this moment while I move this on over to the Original Series Discussion sticky over in the Episode Discussion forum.

I have to admit, the Orange Islands was one part of the anime that I actually didn't follow up on too well. After the Indigo Plateau, I kind of lost track of the show until the Advanced Generation when Hoenn took place.
Ooooh, my bad! I'm sorry if I placed this in an incorrect subforum. I did search other forums and tried to place my question in the most appropriate one. I wanted to discuss the series as a whole, not a specific episode, so I thought this was the most appropriate. Sorry again! ;