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downloading. Ugh. have to wait 2 mins of rapidshare :/

You should use medifire, It doesn't have the innoying pro nonsense. Plus as far as I know, they don't delete your file if it's inactive.

This is the first game i've played using the starterkit (yeah, im slow) It's quite well done. Emulates the official systems and UI nicely.

Just some things, the bed's top portion can be walked on, It's right against the wall, so it looks like you can walk on the wall.

Whoa! a black person!
Looks like Brock isn't the only black person in the world anymore :D

not a fault of obsidian, but more a fault of nintendo, but this game is painfully slow. I know nintendo likes to make pokemon slow(probably to increase length) but it it possible to make things a bit faster (even the text is kinda slow) if not, when do you get the running shoes?

ill post more thoughts later.
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