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Congrats on getting a beta out!

I played up until Nidopoint woods, where I... kind of lost interest after whiting out twice (why oh why did I pick the grass starter?). First impressions: The game is well-done and the scripts seem functional enough, nothing game-breaking, which is good. I saw one or two passability errors (namely on the fence outside your house) and I got the glitch where the shadow remains after you white out in Nidopoint woods and get taken back to the pokecenter.

Tile graphics are pleasant and original, nothing astounding really but a nice change of pace. You should throw in some more fogs/custom shadow effects. Those are cool.

Fakemon are nice, but their backsprites need a little fixing up. I like seeing B/W sprites for the non-fakemon, it's pretty cool.

Music could use a little variety.

All in all, though, it was nice but it wasn't really enough to hook me. I know Pokemon games start off slow, but... could you at least give us the running shoes earlier? It's not very entertaining, just going through the motions.

Also: The primary source of lag is after messages are displayed in battle, I think. I do believe that it's possible to cut that out and speed up attack animations, which I suggest you do in order to create a more streamlined experience.

Looking forward to more!