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Edit: I'm in Nidopoint Forest now, and i've only noticed a few little glitches.

In your bedroom, you can walk on parts of the bed and wall, and go through the door sideways.

The reduced vision from Nidopoint Forest does not go away when you leave. (Already pointed out, but whatever.)

I tried to heal my Nidoran with a Potion, it said "HP has been restored by 5 points" which was weird as he was in the red zone on three health. When I went back to the battle, his HP was still at three, and when I tried to use another Potion, it said "It won't have any effect."

Also, this isn't a glitch, but, pokemon can pass away? That's kinda sad but it's also a neat feature.
I can't even begin to understand why that glitch with nidorino would happen... I've never had an issure like that o_O
And yeah, in the future I'd like to implement a system where there's a 2-3% chance that your pokemon can die if it faints. (only for pokemon catchable in the wild though)

not a fault of obsidian, but more a fault of nintendo, but this game is painfully slow. I know nintendo likes to make pokemon slow(probably to increase length) but it it possible to make things a bit faster (even the text is kinda slow) if not, when do you get the running shoes?
You will get the shoes in the 2nd demo in the big city. So pretty much right away in the 2nd demo. And as for mediafire... i have an account.. but it doesn't show my files.. i dont understand whats wrong with it lol. otherwise id use it.

Very fun, my only suggestion would be to increase the frame rate a little bit.
Graphically, the game is absolutely wonderful. Sprites are well made, and the environments are never dull. My favorite part, hands down, is the interface. Simple and beautiful, like the game itself. The appeal to this game, at least in my opinion, lies in the simplicity, something that almost every developer here seems to despise. I for one love it.
As for gameplay, it's restrained, which I love. Games here promise way too much, they all end up feeling like a mish-mash of various features, which, let's be honest, are all just useless gimmicks.
Thank you for those kinda words :D

DW about all the bugs atomic :) i work with rpg aswell and its the biggest ***** sometimes lol, but im really enjoying.. ill give you some feed back soon
Sounds good man, hope you enjoy it :)

Congrats on getting a beta out!

I played up until Nidopoint woods, where I... kind of lost interest after whiting out twice (why oh why did I pick the grass starter?). First impressions: The game is well-done and the scripts seem functional enough, nothing game-breaking, which is good. I saw one or two passability errors (namely on the fence outside your house) and I got the glitch where the shadow remains after you white out in Nidopoint woods and get taken back to the pokecenter.

Tile graphics are pleasant and original, nothing astounding really but a nice change of pace. You should throw in some more fogs/custom shadow effects. Those are cool.

Fakemon are nice, but their backsprites need a little fixing up. I like seeing B/W sprites for the non-fakemon, it's pretty cool.

Music could use a little variety.

All in all, though, it was nice but it wasn't really enough to hook me. I know Pokemon games start off slow, but... could you at least give us the running shoes earlier? It's not very entertaining, just going through the motions.

Also: The primary source of lag is after messages are displayed in battle, I think. I do believe that it's possible to cut that out and speed up attack animations, which I suggest you do in order to create a more streamlined experience.

Looking forward to more!
Ill fix that fog error in the 2nd demo. To bad you quit in there though :/

I like the simple feel of the tiles haha

I agree on the backsprites

what do you mean variety? can you explain a tad more please :3

I'll try and figure out a different place to get the running shoes. I wanted to do it in the next demo, but well see haha.

And about the battle animations.. do you mean just make them go faster? or like.. what exactly do you mean?

To all of you that commented, thank you so much for the feedback, and the bug reports. I hope you guys have enjoyed the game. Remember, I'm not a pro, so I know it isn't perfect haha, but I'm trying XD
Thanks a lot for trying it out guys :)