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Portgas D. Ace
This is probably my favourite of the set of graphics you've made, but it does seem a little empty to me. The focal point itself and the fire are executed really well, but I feel the focal could be more standing out a little bit, but that's just personal preference. It does seem really empty to me though, and lacking something. I would suggest using a cloud stock somewhere and doing some effects magic to get something good to try and fill that left area of the tag. Clouds work really well with fire, especially that dank, and darkish clouds.

Gaara of the Sand
There's something about this which bothers me. Some of the effects, especially those lighting effects on the top-right corner are very well done, but might be overpowering the focal a bit. The focal does seem to blend in quite a bit, which is good I guess. I'm assuming you were really trying to focus on his face, instead of his body? It looks really good, and probably one of your better tags. Text ts really bothering me though. It looks like you've chosen a really bad font to use, or it's spacing is way too much. I'd try and fix that somehow. Maybe make "sand" and "power" stand out more with a different sand-like colour, or a different font. :)

This is probably my least favourite of the bunch you presented this update. You did say that these were rushed, and your Dante tag really shows it. The reds seem like they stand out way too much, and I'm really not liking the focal>small>big thing you've done, if you know what I mean. I'd place more orange tinges there to try and soften that c4d a bit, so that Dante stands out more. The left side of the focal, including the text is really good, but again, use more orange on the red, and it should be good.

I really do like the style you've gone with for making this tag. I love the limited colours effect you've gone with, but the only drawback I can think of is that the focal looks a little flat against the background. I'd add maybe a streak or two of the lighter cream colour leading from the back of his neck/head and blur that to get the feel of not looking so flat. I like the emphasis you've put on the gun as well, but again, it does look a little flat. I think the gun needs a little more vibrance, so it will stand out some more. :)
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