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Sign me up~ I guess....
What are your opinions on subjects such as same-sex marriage, abortion, the death penalty, and so on? Why?
Same-sex marriage? This (Nsfw-ish?):
- Abortion? Well to be honest if its something like her life would be in danger or she was brutally raped then yeah, but if she was drunk and stuff, then go for adoption.
- Death penalty? Well this has been handed out for extreme cases, but I think that Life in prision with nothing but the barest of neccisities (fail spelling) would have the same effect.
Why are your beliefs the way they are?
- I just don't think that believing in "Ancient scriptures" is a way to live your life, It's not like if you don't obey them that you'll suddenly have to repent, its natural to blame something else for what happens and that doesn't sit right with me. (Did I explain that enough?)
Do you believe in any form of life after death?
- I believe that when you die, you reset in a loop of your own life, and relive it, so this could be my 244124th loop and so on.
Do you believe in aliens?
Anything is possible, amino acids have been found in meteorites which are the building blocks of life so yeah, I guess?
Does your family and friends know about your faith? If no, why not?
My family and friends don't really consider it a "Faith", because we look at things rationally, discuss it and make a decision from their, not that I'm a complete Darwinist, but I'm not a complete Church freak, as I believe that you can't have one side of the story with out the other, they just leave to many holes.
Do you think separation of church and state is different from freedom of religion?
While I believe people should be right to express themselves and such, but if it gets stuck in other peoples faces it should be taken off them.
If God does exist, what do you think it would be like?
- He'd be riding a gay unicorn which is riding a motorcycle and shooting up demons.
What are your family's general religious beliefs?
My family? Religion? What?
What did I do during "the rapture"?
- I've been baking cakes with "NoRapturr. UMad?" and preparing a street party banning all stupid people who believed that BS.