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    Originally Posted by shiny quagsire View Post
    Wow... Just wow. I come back to visit and I find this. Great job Jambo51! I'm looking forward to seeing that awesome patch.
    Thanks! I've been very busy since I developed the Day/Night Wild Pokémon routines

    Another important update: All the evolution types work as far as I can tell, however, for people who play these hacks using a flash card rather than an emulator, I take no responsibility for any bugs caused by the new evolution types, as I cannot forsee bugs on systems I can't test on.

    Gen 5's evolution type (Karrablast -> Escavalier when traded with a Shelmet or Shelmet -> Accelgor when traded with a Karrablast) works with IN GAME TRADES only at this time. I cannot test how the game works with proper trading, and as such, can make NO guarantees that it will work. I expect that it will not work, but feel free to give it a try.

    While the routines for the Day/Night Specific evolutions work, I am NOT including the RTC in this patch. It is not mine, and I can't add it to the patch without first asking the people behind it's permission.
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