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Thanks. I am hoping to get the majority of it done by the time I go back to university in September.

I've changed the shading on the main character, as well as sorted out the problem with the pokedex not on the table correctly in oaks lab. It now also disappears once you get it

A new screenshot

In Cerulean Gym

And a new map, the Cerulean Gym, as well as the finished Cerulean City map

I've also updated the old screenshots with the new gen 4 character sprites


At the Hero's & Rivals Houses

Oaks lab and first Rival battle

Nice event pokemon

Getting Oak's Parcel

Can't leave yet

Viridian Forest

Should i or shouldn't i?

Pewter Gym
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A Pokemon Yellow remake, using HGSS Tiles, and the ability to obtain all Kanto Pokemon as well as their previous/later evolutions.

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