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Firstly Blissey does NEED Def evs. Max it always. HP EV's are the ones that dont help, they help by like ~3%. 252 Def / 80 Sp.Def / 176 Def @ Calm does the same thing as your spread but lets it take hits as well as Max HP Scizor and Spiritomb on the physical side too so you don't lose to Wingull's

Flamethrower > S-Toss or you might aswell use Eviolite Chansey. This team loses to Gengar so it helps in that regard too.


Are you seriously not using Roost on Skarmory ? Put it over Stealth Rock please. You can use LO Swine and put SR over Stone Edge on that.


Icicle Spear/Icicle Crash is better than Ice Fang on Mamoswine. Icicle Spear now has 25 power per hit and this lets you poop all over Whimsicott, Sub chomp and Breloom (WHO YOU CANNOT BEAT CURRENTLY) and the like and also 2HKO'S Skamory and Rotom-W if it hits 4 times IIRC. Icicle Crash is useful for the flinch and reliability but i generally prefer Icicle Spear due to its power and utility. You want max speed too and Att or you lose to some key threats speed wise. See the SR over SE on Mamo w/LO so you can use Roost on Skarm comment above.


Also why are you using Slowbro over Slowking if you're using Sp.Def Evs ? Put those into Defense with Bold. Scald > Surf for the Burn. Id actually switch to Calm Mind with Psycho Shock so you can beat Reuniclus and other CMers 1 Vs 1 because i mean this team cant at all.


Protect seems silly on Tangrowth thanks to Regenerator. Id put another move over it. Hidden Power Fire or Ice would be good, since Breloom curb stomps this team and you cant actually touch it.


Starmie needs Max Speed always, no iffs or buts about it. Its speed is one of the highest in the metagame and there are just wayyy to many things that you lose to without doing so.

Anyway this team really struggles with anything that beats Slowbro and is a fighting type see: Breloom. Id get a check to it honestly, most likely over the rather dead weight Tangrowth. You also lack a rapid spin blocker which is disappointing if you're stacking spikes.

Also welcome back.
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