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@ Bliss: I believe he meant 252def/80spA/176spDef.

@ Mamo: He said Icicle Spear/Drop > Ice Fang, since those are the two that outclass Fang anyway. Plus more people run Stone Edge > Superpower as that's standard so that's probably why he mixed it up. ;;

@ Starmie: Tornadus and Thundurus come to mind. I don't think in final stat numbers though, (like 361 or w/e) just ones like Base 115 and base 111.

@ Tangrowth is dead weight because everything that it "walls" is walled by other things on your team. Excadrill? You have a near-perfect check in Skarmory already. :( SR + T-wave + general bulk? Have you ever met Jirachi? ;;