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    Update 2:
    Lt. Surge -> Giovanni (Gym Battle)


    -Made my way through Rock Tunnel
    -Fought BLUE in the Pokemon Tower in Lavender
    -Went to Celadon City.
    -Easily defeated Erika.
    -Did the boring Rocket part under the Game Corner and got the Silph Scope.
    -Went through the Pokemon Tower, which was incredibly annoying because the only attack I had to hit the ghosts was Psychic, so I had to keep going back for healing.
    -Got the Pokeflute.
    -Defeated both Snorlaxes.
    -Fought my way past Cycling Road to Fuchsia City.
    -Fought all of the trainers on the other side of Fuchsia City (between there and Lavender.)
    -Caught a Spearow and taught it Fly.
    -Went back and defeated Koga. Easily. Psychic OHKO's his whole team.
    -Biked back to Celadon, bought a Fresh Water for the guards, and got TM 49 Tri Attack.
    -Taught Sleep Tri Attack and used a PP Up on it and one on Psychic.
    -Went to Saffron.
    -Fought every trainer inside the Silph Co part.
    -Obtained Lapras. Nicknamed SURF. Taught Surf and Strength.
    -Defeated Giovanni in Silph Co and got Masterball.
    -Defeated the fighting dojo.
    -Defeated Sabrina.
    -Flew to Pallet and surfed to Cinnabar.
    -Did the annoying as hell puzzle-ish thing in the Mansion to get the Gym key.
    -Defeated Blaine.
    -Flew back to Viridian.
    -Defeated Giovanni. OHKO with Psychic, Tri Attack on Kangashkhan, for some reason.

    Lvl 73
    -Tri Attack

    I forsee the Elite Four and my lack of PP on my two attacking moves being a huge problem.
    Sorry the update isn't very detailed. I did all of this yesterday and forgot to post here.
    I'll most likely detail it attack by attack during the Elite Four and then one small update for level 100.
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