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*Facepalm* Oh, sorry J!0, I will go again

Kanto: Ninetales
Johto: Typhlosion
Hoenn: Torkoal
Sinnoh: Infernape
Unova: Simisear

Is this better? You still have one redraw because of my...stupid....mistake *Headdesk*

I suddenly have this burning desire to do this challenge, so I'm going to clear up a few things, K?

Still won't try this for a little while, but can you gimme some pokes anyway?

Name: Zeus2398
In-game name: Zeus
Games: Blue/Red/Firered (Will probably wrest my friends Red or Blue of of him), Crystal, Ruby, Platinum, Black
Any requirements: Not really...
Current challenges:

Firered- Soulsilver - Emerald- Platinum - Black 0/8

Red 7/8 - Crystal - Emerald - Platinum - Black

Platinum Elimination challenge: lv21 lv16

Challenges on hold:

Completed challenges:
None D=
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