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Originally Posted by RubyJB88 View Post
This doesn't even answer the topic at all. It was about a Hogwarts job, not a magical job. And being a railroad engineer for Hogwarts is like being the bus driver for school--how is that related to a school job?
It did, I said I wouldn't be a teacher and expanded from there. There isn't anything wrong with expanding from the question asked. I wouldn't want to be the caretaker, or the groundskeeper, and there's nothing else to do then. I wouldn't want to be a bus driver, especially for a school, I bet the drivers get terrorised...Train drivers are nice and far away from all of that. It was just emphasising I didn't want to be a teacher, anyway. Perhaps I'll just live out in the lake with the merpeople away from you and everyone else, then?

What do you think will your patronus be? A bunny? A cockroach?

Aww, a bunny would be cute :3 Although, I think I'd like it to be a cat. If I could be an animagus, I'd want to be a cat XD