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    I just finished the game and...really liked it. I was hoping there'd be more! So when the credits were over, I was happy that I could still walk around and do stuff.

    I found some passable tiles in the gym (love the idea of it being outdoors and stuff. Especially how there is a path down to the beach only if you start the battle in the certain spot. RARE CANDIES!!!)

    I also found on Route 3a that, right in front of Palmbreeze (probably not the right name) the inside-corner-mountain tiles (how else is there to describe them?) are passable.

    I liked getting a Nidorino via event. That was very cool.

    Also, a boy says something about Lotad and Seedot being in the forest. Where? I looked forever and couldn't find a darling Lotad.

    The forest was also very complicated. I loved how difficult it was to travel through it, however, at times it was very bothersome, with all the poison pokemon in the forest and the lack of antidotes I had. xD

    And possibly make Andy a bit more difficult. He was too easy to beat with my lv 14 Spearow.

    Other than that, and all the comments I made beforehand, I feel like this was a very very very good game. :D
    My Team:

    Dartoad (Chomper) lv 19
    Spearow (Riley) lv 14
    Nidorino (Rex) lv 16

    Caught the Nidorino as Nidoran, btw. I like raising my pokemon.