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Originally Posted by Atomic Reactor View Post
A huge problem I had with the demo, was that my pokemon leveled up far to easily. I believe it's because the pokemon you fight are to high of levels. So, in the 2nd demo, I will be reducing all the levels of any pokemon you fight (including traienr battles)
and I will be adding an event for running shoes (i will add one close to the beginning, and one in the beginning of the 2nd part of the game, so people that are continuing from a previous game can just get them from the newer spot) (did that make sense?)
I don't think it was the levels being too high, I just think it was because the forest was so long. Rather than reducing levels, you could always increase levels for later trainers and gym leaders, just to make it more challenging.

Also, I would love if you could get a Nidorina in Nidopoint forest just like you could the Nidorino.

And there weren't too many bugs, just the reduced sight glitch and the few passable tiles (plus that weird potion incident I had O.o')

Lastly, it kinda bugged me that a lot of the move animations were the same. Almost every move I saw used the Tackle animation, sometimes with a little bit added.
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