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And may I join?

Name: スポットライト
In-game name: スポット(Will play the japanese games)
Monotype: Psychic
Your Pokemon are (as selected by random number generator):

Kanto: Exeggcutor - Known for having 7 weaknesses (I think)
Johto: Wobbuffet - 190 Base HP!
Hoenn: Chimecho - Ability is Levitate...
Sinnoh: Gallade - Must be a male Ralts/Kirlia
Unova: Beeheeyem - I don't know what to say :/

Have fun!
Try my

In this challenge you can only ever have 1 Pokemon of any type and if it faints you can never use that type or Pokemon again! You must battle through each game to completion (E4 Champion or Red) without having all your types eliminated. Choose your Pokemon wisely and have fun!
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