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Originally Posted by Spherical Ice View Post
Well, it's nice to see the thread's up. The screenshots look alright, nothing really stands out as amazing but nothing stands out as terrible either so I guess that's good. The storyline is okay, though you don't really reveal much so I can't really comment on that part. Some examples of the "fun miniquests" etc. would be nice to see, and the graphics looks alright. That Bulbasaur sprite looks a tad misproportianate (how that is spelled I dont even), though. I anticipate the release. :D
Thanks. Amazing stuff is on it's way
I like to keep the storyline to be gradually revealed while playing the game
Hey the Bulbasaur is awesome >:O

Originally Posted by r0bert View Post
It looks,awesome,Great Job!
I could redo some tiles I did back when the old version was there.
Also,something small:'If you're reading this,you're awake.'I't's pretty obvious,innit?
Knew what?
It's there for comedy's sake

Originally Posted by ΣŁ1ŦΣ CHΛRIΖΛЯĐ View Post
the storyline is pretty good, i like it, maybe you can add more detail to it, and the screenshots are good as well, and i like that you inserted indoor tiles, because most hacks only insert the outdoor tiles. so keep up the good work.
Thanks, those tiles took ages to insert D:

Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
Someone else comes back!
I like this hack :'3
(for the 3rd time i think)
Good luck!
Thanks. Second time btw js.

Originally Posted by agentgeo View Post
Well, the tiles look nice, especially the indoor tiles. But, the trainer sprite seems a little off... Maybe the hat's position?
May be...may be. I'm changing the hero sprite anyway eventually.

Originally Posted by Chimchar 9 View Post
The screen shots look amazing, though my only problem is you getting the Pokemon for your birthday as I've seen it many times and it gets pretty boring. Try making a little change to it if you can. Anyway, I'll be watching this hack for more updates/releases.
Good luck!
Yeah, but I feel it adds a little bit of oomph to the story. The Hero's dad dies (Or does he?) on their fifth birthday, and then a decade later he sets out to find the evil big baddy Pokemon.

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
This hack looks to be very professional... but what I saw is that "Gray/Grey" or something is very popular in hack names... :D
Decapitalization is great and sprites look nicely inserted, I'll be keeping my eye on this, GL =)

Originally Posted by Crimson Stardust View Post
This looks great,
The storyline is good too, i can at least vividly imagine what will happen in-game..haha,
the screenshot looks nice too, nice choice of tiles and palletes..
But the bulbasaur looks weird, or is it just me..haha,
anyway good luck on this hack, i will be looking out for more..xD
No love for Bulbasaur?

Originally Posted by Quilava's Master View Post
I love the indoor tileset. It looks so quaint. The hero sprite looks weird as he's pointing but not looking in the direction in which he is pointing and his hat is enormous. But I like it nonetheless, especially the enormous hat =P. As mentioned many times through the thread the Bulbasaur sprite looks weird and the Starly backsprite looks small. Either way I have my eye on this one. Good luck.

The reason I'm using these Pokemon sprites is because I really like them, they're a nice change from the official sprites and the backsprites in B/W are much worse. Also it doesn't mean resizing so I can get through the hack a lot quicker

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
I think he looks cute and cool! :D
Love for Bulba :D

Originally Posted by atif View Post
Nice! The tiles are really nice, same with the OW.

Originally Posted by Trifindo View Post
I like the trees they are cool.
Good luck.

Originally Posted by Crimson Stardust View Post

It do look cool and cuute, small body, big but considering and comparing it to the other sprite's in the hack it will look weird..haha
The other sprite's i meant the shuckle and starly since there is no other screenshots to view.
Yeah but the other sprites will eventually be changed

Originally Posted by K2 XTREME View Post
The screenshots are good, I wish you the best of luck with this hack. I hope to see this hack being completely completed in the future, no matter how long it takes.
It will be, trust me, I've given up too many times before.

Originally Posted by ChillinInYoCloset View Post
I was thinking the same thing. How about your mom has to leave for some reason (maybe found out later in the plot) and she gives you a Pokemon. Other than that, it looks really promising.

Originally Posted by blase005 View Post
Looks awesome! The tileset on the outside and inside are wonderfull, the story is really interesting, having 4th gen inside it has been done many times but its still cool, the trainer you play as looks great, the tall grass actually looks like something a Pokémon would hide inside, in other words im looking forward to this hack by a 100%! I would hate to see it get cancelled!

Originally Posted by tehGDS View Post
Whoa maximum skill! This is impressive, a great comeback from the original hack. I sure hope there are great level scripts here to match this, the sprites and tiles too look great! Though the other OW doesn't really match the MC (main chac)'s not outline OW, so yup, that's it, the color text are a great eye candy too, I sure hope that this will get a HoY sometime : D
Thanks, but it won't win HOTY, there are better hacks out there.

Anyway, sort of update. My exams are almost over, and the lab tiles are almost done, meaning I can resume progress! Yay!
Also, a sort of poll, but what would you like the Routes to be named as? Numbers, letters or stuff like "Banana Path"? Voting closes whenever the next update is