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Originally Posted by ShinySalamence888 View Post
Thanks Pokehunter, but what if I had both the power item and pokerus, how many would I need then?
With the Pokerus and Power Items, I'd use the vitamins as well. I get a lot of money from Black City, Nimbasa City, Gamefreak guy, Cynthia, and the underwater cave has a lot of items you can sell to the rich guy in Undella Bay. I found a $300,000 item before.

If you use 10 vitamins, and EV train with Pokerus and a Power Item, it wouldn't take long because (2sp+4sp)*2=12 Speed EVs from the Basculin.

So I'd take out 12, and remove the Power Item. You'll be at 244.

Then battle two more for (2 Speed EVs doubled=4 EVs per Basculin.) a total of 8, and you'll be at 252.

So, in short, if you have the vitamins, Pokerus, and Power Items:

12 Basculin, remove Power Item, 2 Basculin.

Black = 3310-4621-6704
Diamond = 1292-3359-4411