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    Thanks to the boneheads over at Toshiba I got my laptop back with yet another error, this time completely unrelated! How does that even happen?! I sent it in for one thing and got it back with another. Aside from that the hard drive has been completely wiped. All of my files for this hack are gone. To make it worse I have to send it back, yet again, to be repaired for this newest issue. I'm so mad! I won't be able to continue this hack until those geniuses send my laptop back. I'll be starting fresh using the alpha as the source of my resources. That said, the beta release and the planned alpha update have both been pushed back indefinitely. Sorry to everyone who was expecting the beta or the alpha some time soon. Don't worry though, I hope to have some tangible release before the summer ends.

    TL;DR: Hack's on hold for another 2 weeks until I get my laptop back, then I'll be starting fresh [for the third time].

    The return of Pokemon Shattered Dreams! Click the screenshot to visit the thread, you know you want to.