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    Hack name: Pokemon Light: On The Horizons

    Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red

    Additional information about the hack: You're the young apprentice of a pokemon Prof. and the owner of a pokemon farm/ranch in a brand new region. An evil team of bad guys (name isn't decided yet) comes in and steals most of the Pokemon including the starters of the town and info on a legendary pokemon in the region. You, with your trusty new found pokemon go on an adventure to stop the Pokemon thieves and return the stolen Pokemon. While traveling around the region you will battle trainers and wild pokemon, see many different town and cities. (wide array of places, countryside, bustling cities)

    Finished percentage: Starting from scratch, so right now 0%

    Your hacking skills:Mapping, alittle bit of scripting, and im teaching myself how to do more with the trusty tutorials here on PC.

    What help or skill you're looking for: Titlescreen maker/inserter. tile inserter. *for now*

    Additional contact information: contact me at [email protected]
    or you can just Pm me here on PC.

    Additional information: More work will be needed as everthing starts to come into play. so I will be needing more help later on. (mappers, scripters, spriters. ) the more the merrier. Also people who help will also get a mention somewhere in the Hack, whether it be before the titlescreen, or actually ingame (as a character or maybe even someone important
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