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    Originally Posted by ZeldaStrife View Post
    so there's no finite way to make my Pokemon be infected by the virus? It is a random occurrence?
    Getting your first Pokerus Pokemon is a bit of a rare occurrence, but it will happen (likely even before the E4). Once you have it, battling with that Pokemon in your team will spread it to others in your team randomly, but fairly consistently.

    Eventually, Pokerus will go away and that Pokemon will NEVER be able to get Pokerus again. However, putting the Pokemon in the Box will prevent it from recovering from the virus (so you can prolong the disease and infect more Pokemon)

    Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post

    It only has a very small chance to infect a random Pokemon. Once that Pokemon has got it. You can put that Pokemon into a box of other Pokemon and watch the virus spread.
    Pokerus only spreads to Pokemon you are carrying with you (and only after battles).

    Also to note that Pokerus' effects NEVER wear off even after the disease wears off.

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    Originally Posted by Jeaud View Post
    ok my team in pokemon black is:

    Pignite lvl 31
    Zebstrika lvl 31
    Swoobat lvl 31
    Tirtouga lvl 31
    Krokorok lvl 31

    i just got the 5th badge, so yeah, i need someone to compliment my team.
    No axew or no pansage please.

    i really dont know what pokemon can get along with my team, so yeah, help me pleasee
    no specific type or ability.
    First off, you can beat the game with ANY Pokemon, so there's no point in asking.

    Otherwise, try something that isn't Physical... 'Cause 4/5 you have right now are Physical users. Try Whimsicott / Prankster (I don't care what you say about "no specific ability" because any other Whimsicott is crap): Giga Drain, Stun Spore, Tailwind, Shadow Ball. That's pretty good for in-game (but sucks for Competitive).

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