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Originally Posted by Hybrid Trainer View Post
Totally joining
The one in social groups was so interesting and popular i'm sure this'll explode with members :D

Ok wait, what the hell? raising a genderless baby?
Isn't being a transgender like being gay where your born like that? how will this benefit the child in anyway apart from make him less sexist?
also so annoying that transgender isn't in the default dictionary on chrome -.-

All gay people are born like that, excluding the bisexual people who chose to live exclusively heterosexual or homosexual lifestyles.

Transgender is when your biological unimportant sex doesn't match your mental actual sex.
Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
Yeah, sign me up too, it sounds like it's going to be an interesting ride. Lets get our LGBTQIAA on!

I'm absolutely disgusted with Tennessee right now, but I have to say I doubt that legislature will be there for long. Gaga will be on the case before you know it...
Welcome! <3

Tennessee, seeing as it's..well..Tennessee, I don't care. xD
Originally Posted by Alakazam17 View Post
Sign me up as well. I was a member of the Social Group, and I thought it was a good experience. Twas sad to see it erased, but I'm glad to see it back here in another form.

No, I'd say it's not, using myself as an example. I am transgender, but I am not gay. I'm not interested in malexmale or femalexfemale, just malexfemale.

I don't know how I feel about that story. On one hand, it does kind of appear like an experiment, but it doesn't seem any worse than the alternative of assigning a sex to a child who knows nothing about what that'll mean further down the road.
Welcome! :D

Originally Posted by NurseBarbra View Post
Yup, Joining, totally joining.

.....Emm....Is this true? I hope so....Just saying~

Also,I've been listening to Gaga and for some reason I keep saying "Born this Gay" instead of "Born this Way".... Still works~
That'd be a nice surprise. xD (I love Kathy Griffin)

I was Born this Gay. <3
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