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Originally Posted by Alakazam17 View Post
No, I'd say it's not, using myself as an example. I am transgender, but I am not gay. I'm not interested in malexmale or femalexfemale, just malexfemale.
I know that transgender doesn't mean that the person is gay/lesbian (thank waterloo road for that xD) I meant isn't it something your born with and not something you just pick up somewhere along the line.

Originally Posted by Merzbau View Post
I think Lady Gaga's a cissexist, arrogant, white lady who thinks she speaks for everybody gay and otherwise, but hey. I can be a radical and ruin all your fun some other time if I want to.
Well all lady gaga is doing is standing up for what she believes is right, it's the fact that she's a celebrity that makes everything she does epically huge and important.

EDIT: OMG how did i miss that last time, GAY STUDIES! :D At first i laughed thinking it would be easy, but now that i think about it. It would actually be pretty difficult to teach, with laws being passed all over the place things are always changing.
But nevertheless i would still totally take that class x]