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Originally Posted by Seeds Horizon View Post
Ah, is that a ROM or hack? If so, no ones allowed to give st00f like that out D:.

Also, in my Emerald, my Grovyle is getting totally owned by Brawlys Fighting types (Its been ages since I played third generation, so its still like back when I first opened up my Ruby XD), is there any Pokemon nearby, like a Ralts or something that can do a little damage on his team that I can train up..Really dont feel like overleveling my Grovyle to take out one measly gym D:.
Well if you're looking for a Ralts to defeat him, they're pretty rare around Route 102 (inbetween Oldale Town and Petalburg City); so you'd have to go back within that area. Flying types also help, so Taillow can be a decent Pokémon to use against Brawly as well.

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