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    Originally Posted by Meta Paradox View Post
    Yeah, about the Is it really worth parts, I'm telling you, IT IS.

    Moving on, I suggest that you should try to work with JPAN's hacked engine, as I can see that this and that combined would be a total FireRed hacker heaven. And I saw something about the integration with JPAN's save block hack, too, so this would be a good option.

    You still do the work, though, so it's really up to you.
    While it would certainly be possible to include JPAN's hack with this, I refuse to do so without JPAN's say so. I'm only including the save block hack because it's 100% necessary for it to work. And I made sure to credit JPAN for it. I never said I made it.

    The formes are a pain in the rear end to do, but are possible. I still can't find the type(s) in the Pokémon's data, so I can't see any way of doing the type changing formes right now, except to force a species change without evolving but have it have very similar data.

    Originally Posted by Gamer2020 View Post
    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
    Gen 5's evolution type (Karrablast -> Escavalier when traded with a Shelmet or Shelmet -> Accelgor when traded with a Karrablast) works with IN GAME TRADES only at this time. I cannot test how the game works with proper trading, and as such, can make NO guarantees that it will work. I expect that it will not work, but feel free to give it a try.
    Use VBA-link to test the trading. Should work if in-game ones work though I think.
    I tested it (in spite of VBA-Link crashing every 2 seconds) and the evolution does work. Hooray for me!
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