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Originally Posted by Outlawed View Post
Slowbro with def ev's takes hits nicer than you'd think.
Actually, my skarm has shed shell, so magnezone is really not a problem at all.

Flamethrower on my Slowbro (that takes 2 power whips from ferro) is really my only way of dealing with Ferro. I also come in nicely on Scizor, who fails to OHKO with u-turn even after an SD.

The only argument for a Jirachi would be to help fight Scizor better. But its not been giving me super troubles.
Well considering that that's the only way I've ever ran it and obviously the best way to run it (why invest in a base 80 SpD when you have a base 110 Def to work with?) then yes, I know exactly how nicely it takes hits. :( And sorry about 'Zone; I didn't pay attention to the item. Regardless, it's going to be your only resort against Scizor and I feel like you have to play really carefully (don't lose it to something like rain Dragonite when you're expecting a DD version or something idk) or else you risk being mauled by it. Just a thought, is all!

Thing is with Slowbro, most players who are knowledgeable about anything will realize that when Slowbro comes in on their Ferrothorn it's not coming in to CM up or throw weak Scalds at it - it's going to come packing Flamethrower and so they'll be smart and switch out. Scizor I'd feel a little more comfortable about with smacking with Flamethrower, though SD versions should always run Bug Bite and will probably KO your Slowbro if it has a little bit of prior damage.

Jirachi actually doesn't deal with Scizor at all, lol. 252/0 (the special defense Jirachi sets) is the closest they get and those get 2hko'd by +2 Bug Bite, let alone standard offensive ones.