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    Originally Posted by desbrina View Post
    Yes it's the demo one. This isn't the original yellow, it's a remake using rpg maker xp.

    No the pikachu isn't always female
    {i downloaded the demo and updated it
    but when i started playing and went headlong into the grass where prof.oak came up to me and lend a pokemon to battle with
    just as the battle started a message came about an exception of events
    and when i clicked ok it crashed the game

    played the game several times but everytime the error is same

    p.s i also found a rom for this game
    it is a bit different than yours actually yours is better
    forgive me for mentioning this but i wanted to prove my claim for this game having a rom version as well}


    i am sorry for making you angry but you need to understand that my nephews play games on their emulators only
    their parents do not allow them hifi games
    as those games can't run on their computers but this issue disappears when you are using roms and emulators

    i for myself like this game a lot
    it is way better than that stupid rom
    i am just as desperate for it to complete as you are
    heck i would have even helped a little but i don't even know the abc of all the programming involved
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