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    Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post
    What would be the best system to get if you want to play Final Fantasy? I've heard you can play it on Xbox 360 and PS3. Also, PS2 games can be played on PS3 right?
    If you can afford it, get a 60gb PS3, but they're rare nowadays..otherwise..PS2 is really the only way to go for Final Fantasy as it can play PS1 games also, with that you get Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX/X/X-2/XI/XII, plus other ones like Tactics and Chronicles.
    Only other options would be PSP with the 2 Anniversary editions, Tactics: War of Lions, the Dissidia games plus the PS1 versions that are available on the Playstation store, DS with III and IV (Probably the best versions of the two) plus XII Revenant Wings and Tactics A2, or you can go NES with I, II, III or SNES with IV, V and Mystic Quest.
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