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What does everyone think of this water monotype team for competitive battling? It seems to do alright on PO...

1. Drizzle Politoed @ choice specs
252 sp.a/252 spe/4sp.d
Focus Blast/HP Grass/Ice Beam/Scald

2. Rotom-w @ leftovers
128 HP / 252 SpA / 128 Spe
Thunderbolt/Hydro Pump/HP Fire/Pain Split

3. Swampert @ leftovers
240 hp/216 def/52 spe
EQ/Stealth rock/Ice punch/Scald
Flawless/Near flawless

4. Rain Dish Ludicolo @ leftovers
252 hp/216 def/40 sp.def
Sub/Scald/Leech seed/Protect
Flawless/Near flawless

5. Hydration Vaporeon @ leftovers (DW poke)
252 hp/252 sp.def/4 def
Acid Armor/Scald/Rest/Toxic
Flawless/Near flawless

6. Jellicent @ leftovers
Cursed body/Water absorb (doesn't matter which)
248 hp/216 def/44 spe
Shadow ball/Scald/Taunt/Recover
Flawless/Near flawless

NOTE: If anyone can get me any of these, I will give any 4 pokes from my thread for any 1 of these!!! And will be added to whitelist for future give-aways.
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