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    Granted, the pokeball falls from the sky and lands in the palm of your hand. You release the pokemon inside only to discover it is an angry Dragonite which then proceeds to rampage through your town destroying everyone and everything in its path. A trainer who thinks he is better than the rest of the town decides to fight it whilst it is still on its rampage, the trainer, stupidly, uses meanlook on the agressive pokemon. The pokemons trainer returns and is noticably frightened at the sight of this monster destroying the citizens of your town, once the entire town is destroyed and everyone you cared about is devoured mean look wears off and the pokemon is returned. The mysterious trainer disapears on his Pidgeotto. While the trainer is flying away you feel some "goo" land on your head, upon further inspection you realize this is bird poo.

    I wish for a Shiny Ditto.
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