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    here's chapter 7! How many people are actually reading this? :/

    Chapter Seven – Flames

    Lucifer was fast asleep on his bed, his head rubbing against his pillow as it was giving him comfort as he slept. It was still snowing outside, and Wade didn’t close the windows before he slept, so Lucifer had to sleep under a large quilt in order to stay warm. His paws were out of his quilt, hanging on both sides of the bed, dangling as he snored softly, finally enjoying a good night sleep.

    The lights were off in the little room, but there were no curtains in the cheap hotel, and the dim sunlight at dawn started to seep into the room via the windows, making the room a tad brighter. The room wasn’t too big, but Lucifer didn’t care the least, since the bed was soft and warm. Sleeping was the most important thing to him.

    Suddenly Lucifer felt something bulge at the other side of the cramped room. He shook his head so he could see better, and opened one of his red Lucario eyes, scanning the room cautiously without letting anyone see his spying. It was Wade, wriggling on his bed which was separated with his by a little table.

    Then he suddenly got up, and glanced around the room, not knowing that Lucifer was awake and headed towards the toilet. Judging by Wade’s black expressive eyes, he wasn’t sleepwalking, and was rather awake. Hearing the toilet door close with a small creak, Lucifer tossed to another side and yawned. Just a little toilet break. Nothing special. He thought, telling himself and slowly drifted off to sleep once again.

    When Lucifer woke up again, the first thing he did was to check the time. Seven thirty A.M, ninety minutes after Wade’s toilet break. The room was brighter than before, as the sunlight outside was stronger now. Snowpoint was much colder at night, but in the daytime, the chilliness was so low that even a Lucario could handle…barely. Flinging the quilt aside he looked around. Wade wasn’t here. Getting up and walking towards the toilet, Lucifer peeked inside, half-expecting to see a naked Buizel inside. But then Lucifer chuckled at his own thought. Pokémon don’t wear clothes.

    Lucifer grabbed a half-torn aqua-blue scarf which he found on the street yesterday and wrapped it around his neck. Maybe today Sophia, his mother in-law would tell him something he wanted to know. Maybe he could know more about himself. Excited to find out, he got the keys of the room and went to sign out, since Wade’s things were gone too.

    “Thanks.” Lucifer said, handing the keys to the receptionist with his paws and exited the motel. A strong gust of chilly wind welcomed him as he walked out of the wind-proof lobby, blowing straight against his face like a giant leaf blower. Stumbling back a meter by this surprise, he stood straight, brushing his short Lucario fur with his paws so the fur wouldn’t tangle against each other.

    Lucifer took a deep breath and took in a large quantity of cold, fresh air, but suddenly choked as he smelt something that shouldn’t be there – fire. Then he spotted a trail of black smoke in the sky, and ashes were flying everywhere. Tracing where the smoke came from, Lucifer followed the trail of smoke, his pacing getting faster and faster as he felt something went horribly wrong.

    When he found the structure that was on fire, he stopped, awestruck. He blinked, then rubbed is eyes with his paws just to see if he was hallucinating, even though he knew he wasn’t. Why was the structure on fire? Lucifer had no idea but his feet weren’t listening to his brain commands and wouldn’t bulge, leaving the Lucario standing there, his eyes full of confusion and fear.

    Sophia’s house was on fire.

    The whole house was engulfed by a large ring of fire, and it was burning fast, since the house was mainly made of wood. Judging by the damaged house, the fire hadn’t started for long, but the fire was obviously growing rapidly, melting the snow that was once covering the white home. At this time, the other citizens were still asleep, and the last time Lucifer checked, there weren’t any fire departments nearby – the closest one was miles away.

    Without a second thought, Lucifer rushed towards the flaming structure, and tumbled across the fire that was blocking the door. Pushing the door aside, Lucifer scanned the living room with his eyes to see if Sophia was there. She wasn’t. The whole house was full of smoke, but Lucifer was lucky that the fire hadn’t spread to the ground yet – it seemed to start on the first floor, where the bedrooms were.

    Wiping the sweat off his forehead, he dashed towards the stairs, pushing the fire aside with weak gusts of aura energy, as he ran up the stairs. He started to choke, and the smoke was much darker and dense on the first floor, he found out. Placing his right paw on his mouth, his eyes narrowed because of the smoke, he turned and ran along the corridor. And I thought the ground floor’s hot. Lucifer complained as he walked slowly in the inferno, trying not to step onto the burning portraits and ornaments.

    Then there it was – Sophia’s room, in the center of the fire where it was the hottest. Panting for breath in the flaming oven, Lucifer paced towards the room and kicked the door open with his foot. The fire was strongest here, and Lucifer’s found it difficult to breathe in the room. The fire was surrounding him, growing and growing, the heat attacking him from all sides. But Lucifer didn’t care as he saw Sophia lying on the floor in the middle of the room, struggling to breathe, shaking ever so weakly.

    Generating his yellow one meter long aura bone by placing his paws together, he started to spin it in front of him as fast as he could, creating strong winds like a turbine as his spinning went faster and faster. When the fire was a tad weaker, he leaped and tumbled, jumping over the large flame and landed next to the weak Gardevoir.

    Lucifer lifted her slowly and carried her, running back out of the room the way he came in. Sophia’s head turned slowly and looked at Lucifer as he carried her, with a little but fragile smile on her face. Not able to notice her little thankful grin, Lucifer charged down the stairs, but accidentally tripped as he couldn’t see where he was going and he tumbled down the stars, with Sophia tumbling behind him.

    Walls and ceilings started to collapse as he ran, some of them nearly hitting him on the head. The wooden floor also started to burn, and Lucifer tried his best to endure the burns that was basically torturing his feet pads.

    Lucifer slammed onto the floor with a loud thud, but he knew he had to get out of there, and caught Sophia as she fell, then with one last sprint, escaped the inferno as the house collapsed completely the moment he left the structure. Exhausted, Lucifer placed Sophia onto the snowy ground and collapsed next to her, panting as the house turned into rubble in a few minutes. Sophia was breathing weakly and had breathed in a lot of smoke, but she was able to survive the whole thing, and Lucifer was impressed.

    “Lucifer!” Wade cried, the little Buizel running towards the Lucario with a squad of Blastoise and Blissey behind him. “I’ve brought the firemen and the medics!”

    The Blastoise from the fire department surrounded the burning structure and fired their water beams at the house, showering the area with water like fountains. Even Wade joined the squad, putting out the fire as he spun his tail, generating currents and pulses of water. But they were a tad too late, and the house was so badly damaged, it couldn’t be repaired, and must be rebuilt from scratch. Even the wooden and metal frames of the house had vanished in the fire, and the pillars and girders were crumpled into bits. Four Blissey carried Sophia away towards their snowmobile, but Sophia struggled weakly as she was lifted off the ground, “I-I w-want t-to….L-Lucif-fer…”

    Lucifer heard his name and quickly got up, ignoring his burns and walked to Sophia’s side, looking into her eyes pitifully, holding her hand with his paw, shaking it gently, “Sophia.”

    “T-they,” Sophia spoke, unable to say anything without stammering as she was weak, “S-stole…” then she suddenly turned her head to one side and closed her eyes slowly, going into unconsciousness.

    Lucifer whimpered and shook her, “Sophia! No!”

    One of the Blissey checked her pulse and turned to Lucifer with a firm nod, then walked towards the snowmobile, holding Sophia gently with the other Blissey nurses. Before she left she turned and looked at Lucifer, “She’s going to be okay. She just needs some rest. I’ll take her back to the medical base. Don’t worry.”

    The Blissey sped off, then the Blastoise squad followed behind. For one second there, everything was peaceful. Lucifer stood there, looking around. Peace and quiet, after all this. The citizens of Snowpoint were still asleep, and Lucifer betted that they won’t know a thing when they got up, and would only know what had happened when they spotted Sophia’s house.

    When he thought everything was going back to normal again, a Pokémon pounced onto him from behind, pushing him onto the ground head-first. Lucifer couldn’t move his head, as the Pokémon behind him was pressing his head onto the ground firmly, but he could see a pair of Croagunk feet before him, then another pair, then another. The Croagunk gang had returned, but their numbers weren’t as much as before, when they first met. Some of the Croagunk had scars on them too, so Lucifer presumed that some of them had to go on vacation and heal themselves.

    The Croagunk behind him pulled him up and grabbed his two arms, locking him, so he couldn’t struggle, and the others, four of them, were standing before Lucifer, rubbing their purple paws as if he was a wonderful delicacy or something. One of them, that seemed to be the leader of the little gang, walked forward, staring into Lucifer’s eyes with his cold ones. Lucifer and the Croagunk stayed silent, however, and kept starting at each other until the poison Pokémon couldn’t stand it anymore.

    With a little growl, his paw, full of venom and poison, glowed purple, and pulled back, readying his attack that was aimed at Lucifer’s stomach. Lucifer closed his eyes, frowning, as he knew he couldn’t get out of this, and waited for the attack, ready to endure the poison, no matter how strong it was. He waited. And waited. Nothing. Opening his eyes again, he saw the leader of the gang flying in mid air, a purple barrier pushing away from Lucifer, and Lucifer could recognize that the purple barrier was an ability used by Psychic type Pokémon.

    “Xandra?” Lucifer’s eyes widened and tilted his head when he saw a familiar Kirlia standing before him, fending off the Croagunk with her Psychic abilities. When another Croagunk charged towards her, the Kirlia’s eyes glowed and the toad Pokemon was lifted into the air, and was flung away. Then a green liquid-like sphere was formed before Xandra, and she pushed the energy ball towards another, blasting him towards the rubble.

    Seeing that he’s alone, the Croagunk that was holding Lucifer from behind let go, and lunged towards Xandra. Seeing that he was now free, Lucifer jabbed the Croagunk with his elbow, then pushed him away with one blast of Aura, sending him tumbling on the snow like a bowling ball.

    “Xandra?” Lucifer asked again when the Croagunk fled for their lives, uncertain if it was really her. But when he was certain about it, his eyes narrowed and he growled, “Xandra…!”

    Knowing what the problem was, Xandra shook her head, tears all over her face and cheeks. She ran towards the Lucario and hugged her mate tightly, her tears making his shoulder fur all wet. Lucifer didn’t bulge and just stood there, waiting for her hug to end, since she did kick him off a cliff once…

    “L-Lucifer I’m s-so sorry!” Xandra cried, breaking into tears, still leaning onto Lucifer softly, sobbing, “I h-had to kick you off…I had to! I didn’t want to!”

    “Why is that?” Lucifer asked in a cautious tone, still not doing anything as she leaned onto his chest.

    Xandra whimpered and levitated a few centimeters into the air so she was the same height as Lucifer and wailed, “Zed told me that if I kicked you off the cliff, he won’t bother you anymore! But he lied to me! He lied! I’m so sorry! I didn’t know he could be that cunning!”

    Lucifer went into deep thought for a few seconds. She sounded rather reasonable, and she kicked him off because she didn’t want him to get hurt…not the best solution to the problem…but her goal was certain. Slowly, Lucifer wrapped his arms around her waist, stroking her gently as a gesture of forgiveness.

    “Oh Lucifer…” Xandra spoke softly in happiness, hugging her mate gently, feeling his warmth as he wrapped his arms around her, “I have so much to tell you, but I gotta be fast, and I have to tell you before he arriv-“

    “Before who arrives?” Zed emerged from the trees nearby, the annoying smirk still on his face, cracking his knuckles as he walked towards the couple, “What’s there to hide, my love?”

    Lucifer wanted to puke again when he said those two words, especially when he was talking about his mate, but he stayed silent and waited for Xandra to say something. Xandra’s eyes were instantly full of fear and horror when she saw the Zangoose and let go of Lucifer quickly, stammering, “N-Nothing, Zed!”

    “Did you tell your ex-mate about us?” Zed smiled, and Lucifer couldn’t tell if his smile was evil or pitiful, “Well I can show him, my love.”

    Zed stopped before Lucifer and shoved Xandra aside, then cackled as he handed Lucifer a little photo, 3R size. Lucifer looked at Zed with a confused look, then looked at Xandra, with a terrified expression on her face, then slowly looked at the photo, reaching for it with his paw. It was a photo of Zed force-kissing Xandra in the room located in Iron Island, where Xandra was pressed onto the wall, in one of the corners of the room, but in this picture, the angle taken by the camera changed the story.

    Since Xandra’s eyes were closed, her hands around Zed’s waist, it was like she was actually enjoying it from this angle. But only Xandra and Zed knew that she was actually trying to push him away, and her eyes were closed because she didn’t want to see him. Lucifer didn’t know that, however, and he was flabbergasted.

    “X-Xandra…” Lucifer blinked, his breathing getting heavier and heavier and looked at the Kirlia, surprise written all over his face.

    “It’s not like what you think, Lucifer, I was-“ Xandra protested, tears rolling off her cheeks once again, but Zed interrupted her by placing his claw on her mouth.

    “She was kissing me like a professional, Lucifer. And she liked it very much. Emphasis on the ‘very’.” Zed smirked, and mimicked the position where he kissed her, “Oh and we did much more than that-“

    Before Zed could finish, Lucifer’s paw glowed, and the photo was blasted into smithereens. A large drop of tear dropped onto the snowy ground from Lucifer’s eyes, and he turned. He ran away from the two, devastated once again, for the second time.

    “And I trusted you for a second back then…it was all a trick…” Lucifer grumbled, his voice getting unclear because of his sobbing, “It was all a trick…”

    “Lucifer, no! Wait! Come back! Please! I love you!”

    Lucifer didn’t care anymore…he had been hurt for the second time.

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