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    Granted but the cross-over overloaded because of to much information, while you were playing it and your hand-held released a Caterpie into the real world. Thinking that this Caterpie was no threat you decided to keep it as a pet. When your parents got home you showed them the Caterpie, not being used to this world, the Caterpie had a fatal reaction to our oxygen and grew 100 times his normal size. The Caterpie, confused and scared, ate your Parents and threw up on your bed. After vomiting a little more the Caterpie some how managed to learn Dig and dug a hole to the core of the Earth, the hole in the Earth reached the extremely hot molten center and released the largest volcanic eruption this world has ever seen, it caused earthquakes, tsunami's, volcanic hurricanes, and the death of every creature on earth.

    I wish for a Arceus.

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    Granted, but it soon turns into...
    See what I did there?
    I see what you did, you did a lazy thing -.-
    Some lickies I've Made
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