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Completely wrote out a post, that lacked in serious length, and forgot I have to actually wait till you post the Angel district intro to chapter 2. Here's what I got without your help though, what I wrote off the fly based off the other posts.

Shizuka was just about to stir up a conversation with the other two Angel contestants when the train's speed began to slow, he quickly shifted his gaze to the nearest window just in time to read a sign: "Northern Station." District 5. They had finally arrived at their trains destination, the train coming to a complete stop and the doors opening. And as quickly as they opened two guards strolled on and waved for us to follow them off the train.

The time is moving swiftly, soon the Reaping will begin and I will finally be able to prove myself to my father. To everyone. I will not fail and if the time comes where I might fail, I will make sure to bring everyone and everything down with me.

Shizu had a lot on his mind and a lot of expectations for himself. As he strolled off the train he was amazed at what he saw, a giant factory looking city that spanned miles in every direction. People were running to and from various places, lots of rushing around and noise - but the site seeing was quickly cut short by a swarm of robot cameras and the arrival of the Gods. All of the camera's might as well have been mosquito's, they just buzzed and clicked and swarmed over every inch of his body. Shizuka started breathing through his nose and out his mouth to calm himself, rage building from the closeness and invasion of his personal space. The Gods swatted some of the camera's away and cleared their throats to grab everyone's attention. The two of them stood at, both, very large heights and weights that would scare most people away instantly - a trait Shizuka quickly shed at a young age, learning that one must never show fear.

"Welcome to District 5, don't enjoy it because you won't be here for very long," spoke on of the gods. "And in fact if you didn't ever come we would not object, but nevertheless follow us." The second God finished his counter-parts statement and then they began walking and motioned for everyone to follow suit.

As they continued walking Shizuka began to wonder just what was going to happen next, he didn't dare ask because that would draw everyone's attention to him and that he isn't aware of everything going on. More camera bots appeared from around a corner and flooded everyone's legs and arms and snapping pictures, Shizu quickly resuming the breathing technique he had stopped. His attention now restored to the path in front of him, Shizu could see a platform with a giant Helicopter on it, the next part of the trip was to be made through the air - but where were the other Helicopters for the other districts he wondered. Just as he finished his thought they arrived at the platform where the gods began to speak again.

"Here is your Helicopter for the remainder of your trip, may your journey be safe," said one of the guards while pointing at the giant aircraft. "It's been a few months since any Helicopters were shot down accidentally, hard to tell with people trying to escape all the time," laughed the other god menacingly.

Three guards quickly ushered everyone towards the Helicopter, I was the first to board and was quickly met with quite a shock. Sitting on leather benches, already, were twelve people - the Angels had been the last to arrive as Shizuka stared into the eyes of Vampires, Demons and Humans. As his eyes shifted from each individual to the next he let their names and faces solidify themselves into his brain - these people would be the ones he expected to be challenges. Shiro. Marissa. Bernkastel. Jin. Ryuu. The other districts competitors all looked bloodthirsty and ready to kill, except for Marissa. She appeared to be frightened of everyone around her, but that was obviously just an appearance involved with her strategy.

Smirking quickly, Shizu thought to himself "The games have begun. Lets see where this is going to lead me.
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