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    The first gym in Yellow. Yeah, Brocks gym.

    I know its not a specific area.. I guess, and it only really pertains to one game, rather than a generation.. But oh well.

    Yeah, anyone who has played Yellow knows this very well. I believe a nice portion of people in.. Whenever Yellow came out gave up on Pokemon because of this XD. Oh, so many adventures stopped before they could ever start.

    I mean, you have to grossly over level Pikachu if you want to stand a chance, and even if you catch a Pidgey or Nidoran/Nidorino you still have a tough time getting through their defense with those measly attacks. The only chance you have is using Double Team 5 times in a row so you cant be touched, and then Quick Attacking for like 10 turns each to finally deal enough damage to take them down.. And you dont learn Quick Attack or Double Team until like Lv. 15, and its pretty much still not a gurantee youll win unless you level to 20,m easily 10 levels higher than Brocks Geodude and 8 than Onyx, and yet theres STILL a high possibilty of you dying D:...

    Lol, sorry for my rant, just started an Electric UMC with Yellow as the Gen I representative XD.

    Who agrees with me that this is most likely the most annoying part of any of the Pokemon games?
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