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    Granted, but you find a burmy hanging from a tree, intriged by this pokemon you decided to try to catch. Since you don't have any pokeballs you climb the tree and try to grab it, a pineco falls down on you from a higher branch and uses Self Destruct, the explosion knocks you out of the tree and down a nearby hill into the lake of rage. A red Gyrados then precedes to eat you, but you get saved by a shiny Dragonite on your flight to safety a Moltres flies by and uses flamethrower on the Dragonite, now inflicted with burn the Dragonite cannot hold on to you anymore and you fall hundreds of feet and land on the belly of a Snorlax, You crawl off of this giant creature and fall into a hole dug by a Diglett, trying to help you a Tangela pulls you out and gives you a citrus berry to heal you a little. You now feel relaxed and soothed, so you decide to take a nap, you awake in a dark cave surrounded by Zubat, you see a light in the middle of the cave and crawl towards it, the light is a Cyndiquil that is frightened to see you, its fear makes the fire on its back grow and burn you, running around trying to find water you jump into a lake to cool off, you see a Magikarp jump out of the water, and a Suicune comes by and purifies the lake. You suddenly get pulled into the water by a Vaporeon and drug through a chain of tunnels with nothing but the Bubble beam of a nearby Wartortle giving you oxygen. At the end of the tunnels you get drug out of the water into a meadow full of pokemon. A Stantler walks up to you and licks your cheek, now paralyzed you get taken to the leader of this group of pokemon, Mewtwo, angry that a human is at his home Mewtwo unleashes his wrath and destroys you and all of the pokemon in the world.

    I wish for a Ponyta!


    Some lickies I've Made

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