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    If it's TR Reun, then Blissey does alright against it. Besides Tyranitar's a great pokemon that can break certain, popular defensive cores like Gliscor/Ferrothorn/Jellicent that this team has trouble with. Plus... it can set rocks leaving room for Roost on Skarmory >.>

    Tyranitar is a nice place to start if want a lot more oomph on your team since it looks like most of its current members just sit there absorbing blows with no real win condition. Since you have Celebi > Tangrowth now (I think) fighting types shouldn't be a problem unless it's Scrafty or Lucario in which case you have Skarmory for the former. Just be careful around Luke ok?

    Oh yeah and reconsider Leftovers on Skarmory. Since Magnezone and Wobbuffet are nearly nonexistant and passive recover helps you tank things without needing to waste a turn using Roost.