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Originally Posted by Conjurer View Post
Oh, right >.>

In that case how bad would losing Jellicent be? It doesn't hit much bulk, and he already has Vaporeon and Swampert for taking Special/Physical hits.
Losing Jellicent would be worse than losing the dead weight in Ludicolo. Jellicent at least breaks stall somewhat; taunting stuff like Ferrothorn before burning it and outstalling Power Whips. be honest, now that I'm thinking it, your team has huge troubles with the #1 most used Pokemon, Ferrothorn... and the best checks to it are obviously not Water-type. Literally, every Water-type struggles with Ferrothorn except like idk Poliwrath. I'd suggest Toxicroak or Scizor to help that weak buuuut if you're determined to keep this a Water mono-type then there's not much you can do to beat out Ferro. :/