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Originally Posted by BlooMilk C. View Post
Hi, I've been lurking this thread lately, but I'd like to join. I support the LGBTQ community 100% .
Welcome, BlooMilk C.! It's great that we're attracting lurkers XD

Originally Posted by FreakyLocz14 View Post
I advocate passively being out rather than actively coming out. Heterosexuals don't have to come out, so why should others? It draws unnecessary attention to the situation and reinforces the idea that it's so different that one felt the need to announce it.
I totally agree, I've often thought this. If we stop making it a big deal, then it will stop being a big deal - but unfortunately, talking about it and actually being in the situation are two different things, so this change will be very slow and gradual at best.

Originally Posted by Ctrl.Alt.Geak View Post
I tried to tell my mother about 6 years ago, she literally said "No you're not" and I agreed with her and made like it was a joke or something (so I basically re-closeted myself), a few years later she asks "If you were gay you'd tell me right?" to which I said "Of course! But I'm not so don't worry". When I first hit high school she sent me to an in-school program, that was run by the church which basically shoved gender stereotypes in our face and told us to act and look a certain way.
I did tell a friend of mine a few months ago, he didn't take it well, he has nothing against gay people but he wasnt exactly happy about it, we dont talk to each other anymore.
I met an FtM recently who just assumed that I had no interest in the opposite sex however I dont really plan to tell anyone else for a while now.
Wow, you seem to have had a rougher time of it than anyone ever should! That's terrible what your mother said, I can't imagine how you'd react to someone saying "No, you're not." I think I'd get defensive and be all "uh, excuse me, I think I'd know!"

Also, your friend - if he didn't take it well and doesn't talk to you anymore, are you sure he doesn't have anything against gay people?

Originally Posted by Toujours View Post

Their "explanation" is that we have something called the Core Council, which is a panel of 8 students that's like a GSA, except without open acceptance of everyone since it's a panel. They try to tell the GSA that it's unnecessary because it's redundant due to the Core Council, as much as the Core Council itself tries to explain otherwise.
Ah, I see. So basically they're trying to tactfully squash the group, using the Core Council as a scapegoat?

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