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Just throwing this out here, if you want this place to be active before the new tutoring program starts, the post date is going to be June 11. I'm confident it will help with bringing back activity through teaching the people who are interested in battling, and make the forum/server less intimidating. It'll give us a lot of community activities too (Classes / Community Night, Community Create-A-Team, etc (and more if people suggest some)).

Anyway, I've been planning to start rating again, but in real life matters and preparing the tutoring program have been keeping me busy. I do like seeing RMT threads with +20 posts reminds me of 08 when there was sometimes two pages of posts.

Also, I don't feel like going in-depth on this at the moment, so I'll leave this post very short. I wish Syn would fix his attitude more. That type of sarcasm/comments are okay towards regulars who are used to it, but not for new members. You might not think you are rude, but sometimes your comments can get out of hand (I haven't bothered to save any examples, because I don't really care anymore). Elf is only "intimidating" when he gets haxed too much, and forces you to battle over and over until there's no hax or he'll ban you, and so on. Hax complaining is okay, but you have to realize it is part of the game and it's bound to happen in every match. Saying stuff like "crits should be banned" each time you get haxed isn't going to make a difference; post that in Smogon's suspect thread. I don't care if you're an admin and can do whatever you want, if that was true I would simply ban everyone (of course I won't though). To me, your constant complaining is more annoying than hax itself. Our new regulars always apologize whenever there's hax, because whenever you or Syn (maybe other users?) complain excessively about it it can seem like it's the player's fault.

Edit: The forum being intimidating (mainly just the raters) has been fixed I believe. From looking at a few posts from a few weeks ago, it didn't seem like anyone was attacking members. The only thing that could make it better, is explain your suggestions a little bit more for new battlers (put yourself in their shoes)?

Originally Posted by Dark Azelf View Post
Also me and Anti were talking yesterday on server.

Me and him lack motivation these days. So i really think we should make it more fun too. Dunno if you guys feel like this.

I think we need more battling based stuff; Things like this made Pc and is one of my fondest memories because simply it was fun.

It'll also help the battle stadium.

Also, Pokecommunity.

Key word is bold.

So....why arent we acting like one ? I mean, doing community things ? I suggested them before but Anti discarded them. Even little things like RMT archive and emblems would increase morale here.
I have some events planned if the tutoring program goes along well and gives us a few new members, because those events require more than what we have now. That's why I really want for the tutoring program to be successful...I'm kind of relying on it for future activities. I am also waiting for summer break, so most members will have the time to participate in all of them and keep 'em active.